This document is the first draft of the full script for the show. The texts to each song are not provided here, but they are listed along with the spoken text and basic stage actions for each character.

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Song Texts

The attached document includes the complete texts for all the poetry that was used for creating the songs in the recital. All texts are given in English.

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There are not recordings available for all the songs since some of them are brand new and have never been performed. 

Here is a list of songs with recordings. Click to listen.

Wolf - Morgenstimmung
Crawford Seeger - Sunsets
Copland - Nature, the gentlest mother
Luksan - Night
Luksan - Immortality
Bjork - Oceania
Hahn - Dans la nuit
Luksan - You Sea!
Vaughan Williams - On Wenlock Edge
VW - From far, from eve and morning
Quilter - Blow, blow thou winter wind
VW - Orpheus with his lute