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A huge thanks to all the patrons and donors that made One Voice such a successful season!

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One Voice
18-19 Season

A Note from our General & Artistic Director:

"One voice can change a room..."

SASS completed our first full season of recitals and we couldn't be more proud of the artists and patrons that helped us make it happen. Thank you to all of the brilliant artists that made 17-18 such a success, and to all of the people that helped support us; You are all SASS!

Our 18-19 season is called "One Voice". This season means so much to so many of us. The idea started when I looked around at all my fellow artists and saw this heavy weight that we are carrying during a dark time. We have a unique and powerful method of delivery of a much needed message in a time when the world seems turned on its head.

I'm inspired by my queer community to make our voices heard; I weep at death from wars and cries for peace in a time when we seem to constantly be fighting with one another, I pray for it all to end; I watch with disgust and great sorrow as racist voices are given time on the news, as our black brothers and sisters are threatened daily by injustice and loss; I glow with a pride as the womxn of this nation stand up and say "NO!" to inequality, and can say #metoo and be heard; I get up every single day and walk into an office where we serve community members that are looked down upon for mental illness and help them fight to reach recovery despite what others say.

To each of you, we dedicate this season. We will lift your voices and they will be heard in glorious song. 

To learn more about this season go to our Recitals page. 

SASS believes that ticket prices should never be an excuse for exclusion from the arts. To that end, we are making all of our events for the 18-19 season free to the public. To reserve your seats, visit our Attend page. To help SASS make these recitals free, go to our Donate page to learn more about ways you can contribute.